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In case you’re asking “what the heck is a dharma detective?” here are a few definitions:


- dharma: Your soul’s innate and unique mission or purpose


- detective: Investigator

   engaged in obtaining

   knowledge and information

   not easily available


- dharma detective: Solving

   your life’s mysteries one

   question at a time



Are you in your late-twenties or thirties and beginning to question the direction your life has taken?  Maybe you are going through a major change such as a job lay-off or a break-up.  Or maybe you appear successful on the outside but are completely unsatisfied with your job or relationship underneath it all and fearful to take the steps to make it better?


This is what I call a Quarter-Life Crisis and this is where I come in.

Being the Dharma Detective,  I help

women who are going through a

quarter–life crisis blast out of their rut

to discover, design and live the kick-ass

life they really want.

Yoga + Life Coaching

I do this is through my signature mind/body system that combines the practice and principles of Yoga with powerful Life Coaching tools and techniques.


I guide clients out of frustration, uncertainty, and confusion into clarity, confidence and direction.  You’ll actually feel a shift happening from the inside out and that’s when you’ll begin to embody who you really are and live the life you really want!


More information on product and service offerings are coming soon...Stay Tuned!


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